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Monday, July 10, 2006

new things

fireflies, pond path... new editorial approaches. new people. faces? forms of humanity. abstraction. hiding.

the road cuts the stony brook campus in four pieces. the town nearby seems to have no center. the centers are small, private, wealthy. the highways cut the island up. the strip malls have no character. worse than interstate strip malls. bagel shops, 7-11's, nail parlors. haven't solved the movie problem yet. cable tv gives options, but i'd found a nice equilibrium of driving to rent, watching intensely... the cable takes the intensity out of it- something gained, something lost. must find new things of intensity. nowhere to put that energy... these neighborhoods don't feel like they will reward the wandering. everything is tamer, more controlled- yet I know there's also something wild, out of control- I just don't like it. it doesn't fit with me. i have to grow into it- growth or change?

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