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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I was told by the guy I'm working for to add some more context to the 3 page note I'd written.
"People around here are thinking 'Sands', but you're really starting from 'Chao'". Ok.

Do I have a problem with context? Am I unconsciously unclear, or deliberately ambiguous? Maybe I use context in my own way, happy to give the wrong impression to most?
I'm reminded of the word with respect to my step mother. The word has had a talismanic feeling to me:
"If only she would understand the meaning of the word 'context'...", I told myself countless times growing up, as if it were some sort of summary of who she was and what our relationship was and how I could find a positive way out all at the same time. But the meaning of this line- both with regard to what it originally meant, and what it was encouraging me to do have remained elusive.

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