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Thursday, March 09, 2006

relieving tension

Sometimes it seems that the world is made of screens and text.

I am trying to relax. I know that there are things that my mind needs to do, that it won't do until I remove all the stimuli.
But what do I do during these times? One can call it meditation. Maybe wrestling with demons?

I suppose it is a privilege to be able to return to the ground state; to be able to cross this peak made of old thoughts. This is where evil can come from. When one is not allowed the time to return to where one came from. To keep the tension high for so long that one forgets what its like to not have it.

No. I refuse to see it as a privilege. Instead I see the lack of returning as sickness. But what about those of us who are slow? I suppose most societies find ways to accomodate. I don't know that ours has done this very well.

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