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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

advanced light sensing

A funny quote from p. 5 of the book "Elements of Synchrotron Light" by G. Margaritondo:
As new-born babies, we begin to learn by 'seeing' things with light, which consists of electromagnetic waves. As we grow up and become more sophisticated, we can use different types of electromagnetic waves to explore different properties of the world around us: for example infrared light to study atomic-level vibrations or X-rays to study the atomic structure of molecules.
Now, I'm always looking for how to "tell the story" of synchrotron light sources. But this is an odd angle! We start our lives by seeing with visible light, and then after we become more mature (as a synchrotron light experimenter), then we add infrared and X-rays to the spectra of usable light to learn about the world!!

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