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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

hello darkness my old friend

winter brings back memories. darkness. being alone.
i have a cold and this forces me away from physics back into my own obscure landscape.
time stretches out. i cannot imagine something different.
perhaps the one thing to take from this is that i am being too careful. imagining a snake around every corner is not helpful.

my computer life has blended the boundary between real and virtual. i ask whether i care about what my table is made of, or why it matters that my drawers are open and contain the least useful of my clothes. but i imagine that this is not something new to this time in history. there have always been people with a shadowy grasp on reality. perhaps it is the dream world or the spirit world that is blamed for this dissolution.

i wonder what would be a literature of winter. a type of writing that traces out such underground spaces. is it black and white, or is this just my relative inexperience with winter?
colors could be added. a dark purple, a crisp blue, perhaps even a pale yellow in a corner.


Anonymous said...

You should try to go ahead and not look so much to the dark side of the things... They are what they are, if you can not change them by an easy way, it's better to make them yours and continue to move forward.

A color for winter : sparkling white. Shinny, symbol of renewal and by analogy with science, the "color" which contain all the others.

Boaz said...

Thank you for the comment nathalie!

For the most part, I agree with you that we shouldn't make the darkness bigger than it is. But I'm in the middle of it, sometime the only way I know to feel better is to try to describe it. I guess writing something like this is my way of "making it mine".

Ok. A time of whiteness. Yes, I like that.

Unknown said...

My winter lexicon of literature includes the following: Crime and Punishment, mythological places (winter is the time to read Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings), magical realism (GarcĂ­a Marquez and Haruki Murakami). These books take me to either a very internal world or a world that doesn't exist, one that can exist while sunlight is of a premium and I sit under cool compact fluorescent.

Yes, I think black and white are the primary colors of winter. I walked to the same bridge and beyond where we walked last year in the snow. It was beautiful all over again in the contrasts of grey bridge steel and white sidewalls. But don't miss the browns and heathers, the ochres and the pinks and greens that allow themselves to be the background for a change.

Time for me jumps, sputter, and spurts. I run full speed ahead and then experience a weekend of time warp. Repeat. The real and virtual do blend. You're right.