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Thursday, December 13, 2007


There's a certain type of balance I'd like to achieve.
Its sort of a balance between always acting from a center and giving up that center in order to go into details. Sort of a balance between unity and multiplicity. At the moment, it plays itself out in terms of work vs. social life, but within work itself it there is a similar struggle.

Ahh, so I was reading Kafka's story about being a dog. He really does a lot of stuff with animals. That would be interesting to learn more about.


astridina said...

My Dad used to tell me as a joke that in his "past" life he had been a dog(I realize that now that he must have been joking, but when I was young I believed him)

He loved dogs! And dogs loved him! it was increadible. A stray or house dog would never bark at him. and he always carried food in his pockets just in case he saw a stray dog in the street.

It sound a little bizzarre now, because in english, calling yourself a dog is not so nice, (nor in French) but I think in Italian it sounds a little different. At least when I was young it did.


Boaz said...

That is funny about this mixed image we have of dogs. On the one hand, beloved pets and charismatic friends or even solidary wanderers, and on the other, the insult as in a lower form of life.

My Dad also really loves dogs. He was telling me today about their dog Henry, who is 11, which is around 70 in dog years. He can't jump up onto the pickup truck as easily anymore...