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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

putting it together?

*)"Practical C++ programming"
*)"Mastering Matlab 7"
*)"The Fokker Planck Equation"
*)article by Bruck on Touschek lifetime
*)an undocumented C++ library for particle tracking and global parameter extraction
*)a partially designed synchrotron light source
*)a bunch of smart people who don't work together particularly well


Unknown said...

Sounds tough. The most rewarding things are sometimes the most difficult. I hope that there will be a resolution, and I also hope that you can enjoy the process as much as possible. Wouldn't life be boring without challenges?

Boaz said...

Thank you. I do appreciate challenges. But only so many at once! Maybe the key to this one is to make sure I have an outside life...

Unknown said...

All this and it’s easy to loose sight of what this recipe will create in the end. It can’t be just a recipe for bread because, of course, scientists don’t do this work just for the money. Perhaps it’s a dessert recipe, but without the joy of family and friends it may never be sweet enough. Who knows…throw in something unusual like peppermint to see if it changes the flavor. :-)