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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

extra something

So there are all these pieces, and on there own they rattle together.
Again, I have the image of having climbed out of a ravine.
In the middle of it all, one thinks that out of templates, convergent/divergent integrals, context free grammar, parameter 1 through n, file formats with and without futures and even secret and not so secret motivations, one can build something. Yes, but as long as one remembers that those are just raw materials.

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Unknown said...

Right, just raw materials... But isn’t it the raw materials that clutter things. I think of the fact that the most significant contributions to science came at periods in history when there were far fewer raw materials available. The best in the fields just used their mind and imagination to eek out what we now consider to be big breakthroughs. These days, it seems like the only thing we are capable of doing is cobbling together everyone else’s results to create our own and in the end there may be a paper that no one reads. Why then do we insist on continuing this trend of fiddling with the “raw materials,” as you put it?