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Friday, January 13, 2006

the roles

what dedication!
to become a boot or a pencil!
and then to be back having gained something.
but then we tell others to do the same. cruelty.

my movie collection has become like my music collection.
running thin. but then it forces me to appreciate films for
what they offer when one doesn't care about plot. some of these
movies I never quite follow all the way through. fifteen minutes.
fall asleep. ten minutes. write a blog entry.
at the moment its "thirty two shorts stories about glen gould"
there is music. there is rapid dialogue.
i suppose if the film is good it can be
appreciated as an actor can appreciate a performance of the same
show again and again.
"or as the interlocuter as the controller of conversation perhaps?"
"no need to be rude."
fade out


Anonymous said...

Hello, adiabatic invariants, I'm high frequency components. So you're wondering the dedication of a boot and a pencil? I guess I need some low frequency components to stop me from bouncing around, maybe a boot, or a pencil is a good idea.

Anyway Boris finally introduced your blog to me. Is this a bloggy age now?
Wow, I don't even know what time we're living in.


Boaz said...

hey Yue, great to see you in these (bloggy) parts!
Now we just need the mid-range frequencies and then we'll have a full bandwith operation going on here.
I've never exactly explained what I meant by the title of my blog, but you seem to have gotten it.
By the way, thanks for the great soup the other day! You should post a photo of it somewhere. See you guys soon.