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Saturday, August 03, 2019

What I believe

What do you believe? (by Hana Hammer, undated, circa 2000)
In being grounded
in being centered
In the passion of creative fervor
In working hard for that which creates the passion & excitement, the ideas, the love for creation
In belonging
In feeling the sense of belonging of a group & making others feel that they belong
In clear thinking, in down to earthness
In earthiness
In health food, organic farming, & conscientious capitalism
In deep eyes, deep friendship
In the dark of a theatre as the curtain rises or swings back for a show
in gift exchange & reciprocation
in yoga, stretching breathing, slowing down, clearing the Mind of abstraction
in laughter
In dancing madly
In honesty
In honoring my moods
In honoring & respecting my needs

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