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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Silberts and Finegoods

Grandma Mary writes:
"My parents were Attel or Ethel and Abraham Finegood. They came from Russia - all of them at a time when Jews were being killed and made very unwelcome - and they headed for the new land, America, in the under deck of a ship - I do not remember too much about their passage to the new world. I learned that Joe's parents and mine had known each other in Russia. My father played an instrument like an oboe and was in the tsar's orchestra so he had evaded going into the Russian Army and came out alive. I do not know too much about that time in their lives. I do remember my mother telling me that she loved to swim."

I learn from other relatives, that Abraham came from Odessa.  Grandpa Joe's parents were Louis and Molly and Louis came from Kherson.  Here are entries for Kherson and Odessa from the Jewish virtual library

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