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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wendall Berry on Community

I've been rereading Wendall Berry's "Sex, Economy, Freedom, and Community".
I posted a few quotes on Twitter. 

"The indispensable form that can intervene between public and private interests is that of community."

 here is another:

Again from SEF: "the colonialist principle...the assumption that it is permissible to ruin one place or culture for the sake of another." 

and another here,
and, "The Luddites thus asserted the precedence of community needs over technological innovation and monetary profit..."

"What is so fearfully arrogant and destructive is the implication that what is represented, or representable, is all there is." SEF&C, p164


"The social and cultural pluralism that some now see as a goal is a public of destroyed communities." SEF&C, p169 

Its not the most articulate way to get a point across.   (Posting 140 character quotes on Twitter), but its an easy way to get the gist of something perhaps.
This question of community, how we can develop it, (or not destroy it!) and how internet communications can fit into this in a positive way has been a long time question of mine.

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