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Thursday, April 14, 2011


There is a rhythm to my life in France that seems to involve patience in new ways than I have experienced previously. It seems to require that I put faith into systems and processes that move slower than I am accustomed to working with. And at the same time, these processes seem hidden, and my instinct is to doubt and wonder whether they are in fact real, even though time and again they show progress and stability. It is something like observing the process of growth of a plant from a seed. There is a logic and robustness to the process, and unless one has watched this particular kind of seed grow before, one can't really look at the current state and figure out where it will go. Instead, one just continues to water, continues to protect, and has faith that something with come of all this.


Astrid said...

Ciao, its about time I visit you no?

Boaz said...

Hi Astrid- you know, I thought I responded to this comment awhile ago, and then I checked, and my response wasn't there... ??
Anyway, yes, please visit me!
Let's email and figure out when. I also owe you another visit!