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Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Still reading Nancy Cartwright sometimes, and my tendency is towards criticism and thinking about why things are not as big a deal as people say they are.
But this isn't so great a way to do things/live life at some point. Actually she writes in one of her books that people tell her that her project is not very inspiring. But she does have a positive project I think, along with the criticism.
Anyway, for me, I do like physics a lot. Better to find some real questions to work on and try to make progress. The critical approach can always be there, but if its all there is, its not so productive, and probably leads to mistakes also...

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Ponder Stibbons said...

Yeah, the negativity is something I struggle with as a philosopher. The problem is that in philosophy it's a lot easier to show that someone's theory has serious problems than to come up with a better account yourself. I think it's a good thing that not all theoretical physicists are as negative as philosophers of physics -- we need to spread our bets across a wider range of epistemological strategies.