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Sunday, September 16, 2007


Ah, the joys of math. So now I can ramble away with equations! (Thanks to)
So, we can represent the symplectic part of the dynamics of an accelerator by a one turn map:

where is the operator saying to take the Poisson bracket with its argument. is the effective Hamiltonian and is a function of and . In the linear case, is just a matrix and if the Hamiltonian is with , then


is the symplectic inner product matrix and its multidimensional
extensions. Actually its kind of ugly. Ah well, I may or may not write more equations.


Nani said...

@#$$%@!??? - aka: I don't get it.

I never was very good at Math. I worked really hard on it in high school. School, private lessons, self-taught...

Now when I think of math I think of money. Ha - ha.

Boaz said...

Yeah, a bunch of mumbo jumbo.

Funny, cause I'm the exact opposite. For all the math I've looked at, I seem to have a major block when it comes to money. Just doesn't compute.

Unknown said...

I only like symplectic equations because it helps my little enzymes to conserve energy in a 160 nanosecond simulation. But sometimes, for reasons that I'm trying to track down now, the darn symplectic equation fails me!!!!! Whyyyyyy!