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Monday, May 21, 2007

tick season

As usual, I escape from my office by walking in a nearby pine forest.
I follow a certain path that leads nearby to an abandoned skeet shooting range, making a loop ending up back on a main road for a 5 minute walk back to my office. In the winter, my snow footsteps were the only ones in this particular path.

Today, I followed the path, enjoying the sun and watching the streaky clouds. A few hours later, I was talking to someone about magnets when they noticed a tick crawling on my pant-leg. Now, home, and ready to take a shower, I find another one feasting on my inside leg just above my knee. I guess its the season for responding to each small itch with a frantic search. Is it worth giving up the walks for? Until I learn the hard way, the answer will be no.


Astrid said...

Wearing woman stockings deters them :)

I would not give up the walks.
Wear boots, high socks and pants( I use to put a rubberband at the end of my pants )
I remember being in SC and having to do the tick check every day for about 6 months. You really can avoid them, and still take a nice walk or roll in the grass even!

P.S. Are you coming to asap tomorrow?

Boaz said...

yeah, yeah, you're probably right. I have a history of ignoring such good advice.
Yep, I'll be there tomorrow.
Glad you're back in town!