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Friday, December 15, 2006

death of my computer

My poor Powerbook. Its hard drive is making terrible noises. I think its just about dead. So I've been using my work PC laptop. Microsoft!!


Anonymous said...

How do you like Microsoft?


How old is your Powerbook, by the way? I've been having problems with the battery... (it won't charge properly).


Boaz said...

So far Microsoft has been ok.
I do miss all my bookmarks though.
Also, the OS also seems to ask me lots of questions about updates and stuff that I don't want to answer.

My Powerbook was around 5 years old, I think. I also had serious battery issues. Even before this thing with the hard drive, the battery would only last like 10 minutes before dying...

Sarah Silbert said...

Sorry, Boaz!

It's hard to live without bookmarks...hope you've gotten that reconfigured on your PC!