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Friday, October 20, 2006


I found this tunnel made out of corragated aluminum a few minute walk away from my office. I went walking there a few minutes ago and stood in the tunnel to stay out of the rain. The tunnel amplifies sounds so that you when you walk, the sound of your scuffling feet is sharp and crisp. In one direction, you can see a large warehouse type building that looks somewhat deserted, and in the other, you look off into the distance of the rest of the lab, with the view somewhat obscured by trees.


Sarah Silbert said...

I want to be in that tunnel. That sounds lovely.

I love how when I'm walking up the stairs to my dorm, the sound of my feet seems to come from within a wind tunnel. And there are different colored autumn leaves all over the stairs.

Nani said...

What a moment to capture! What you see from the tunnel. How you feel.

Boaz said...

Hi Sarah and Nani,
The problem with not having close friends nearby is that there's no one to share these sorts of moments with... so thanks for reading! I appreciate it.