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Sunday, August 13, 2006


Here's a painting I've been working on.

This weekend I visited the Pollock-Krasner house, the house where Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner lived and painted. They have an audio tour where you listen to an MP3 player that guides you around and tells you stuff about their lives and the site. It produces a weird effect where you see all these people standing by themselves staring off at the trees or river or sky, just listening. Instead of thinking of the lost conversations and lost independent thought, I went with it, and it seemed a somewhat effective way to see a place. The conversations can come afterwards. I enjoyed it, but somehow didn't feel anything new about art on an emotional level. That's ok. Like falling in love, right? Its supposed to happen later?


Anonymous said...

Here's what Yue has to say:

You're speaking out what I felt about when I was given tours around in Hearst Castle. Lost conversations and lost thoughts are, I guess, mostly truly lost. Well, at least we sould hail the internet, I think blogging is a marvelous way to maintain one's thought.In the old times, people use journals, right?

And the lament that we gave on these topics possibly should label us as being "sentimental". The funny thought happens to me that, I can't be sentimental and mathematical at the same time. So sometimes I tell myself to let the sentiments go. At times they do disappear like the morning fog gives its way to the sun, but most of the time they stay with me and are unstructured.

Well, that's how I feel about my mind, like London/San Francisco and its fog.

Boaz said...

Yes, I used to use a journal in the olden days and still do sometimes.
I probably wrote similar stuff... even then I was afraid to be too specific or personal... hard to avoid the feeling of someone reading over my shoulder.

That's an interesting point about the conflict between being sentimental and mathematical. In a way that's what I wanted this blog to be about... "life and physics fight it out..."
If I've been in analytical mode for too long I feel like I lose myself. For myself, I'm not so sure I see sentiments as the fog and math as the sun. I see what you mean, and its a beautiful metaphor, but I think that there is another sun coming from my feelings. I forget about it, but it inevitably returns in odd hours, like an old friend. Maybe the fog brought on by too much math is really smog... So maybe I would say that my mind is like Los Angeles, waiting for industry and all the cars to clean up their act.

By the way, I called a relative using skype, on a regular phone... she was just confused what the humming noise was, and I told her it was the fan on my computer!