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Thursday, August 03, 2006


A mess can be either a lack of choice of an organizing system, or a lack of energy to put things into the chosen system. My messes are a combination of these. Why should my ski pants be on the floor next to my bed? Don't winter clothes go in a bag in the closet? Or does putting them in the closet imply an acceptance of owning ski pants? I haven't used these ski pants in over 5 years. So the building of an order that includes these red pants will imply a taking into myself of something I don't use.
etc. etc. "e" "t" "c"
thoughts for the evening.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment in my last blog!
Yes - messes. Not only with the things we own, but what's going on in our minds, too, I guess. When the things that we care about are not in place (or keeps dominating the main floor). Family, work, school/ academics, friends, etc. "e" "t" "c."
Hope all is well. - Nani

Boaz said...

Good point Nani. Its true, we can have messes in all aspects of our lives. Also, I've noticed that the state of my room can reflect the state of my mind. But that makes getting things in order just seem yet more daunting! In addition to cleaning up my room, I need to organize my finances and social and family life and work and all that other stuff. I wish I was better at taking it piece by piece...

Anonymous said...

The state of my cottage often reflects my mind state too. I need a bumper sticker that says "entropy happens."