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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Long Island (for real)

3500 miles and lots of conversation with my dad later...
Here I am.
A full fledged member of a cable tv watching household. Two physics graduate students (male), one undergrad double bass player (female), one biology grad student from France (female).
I bought some beer and pulled out my laptop along with the others to start the bonding experience.
My fancy new car still makes me a little uncomfortable.
All the planning of the trip made me feel competent-- the newly expanded set of possibilities brings me back to a foggier reality.
I succeeded in following my roommate's direction to the Mexican restaurant. It seemed like a big accomplishment. I am living in someone else's room, in another state, with just a vague sense of exhaustion and groundlessness.
As I drove, I explained to my dad all the things that had been tied up before I left. Now that sense of a neat bundle has turned into a fog. I don't think its a waste of time. Too early to tell though.

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