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Thursday, May 11, 2006


There was a scavenger hunt type game in which we all received a clue.
We searched the lockers, but the mixture of individual agency, collective goals, selfishness and ineptness turned the game into the usual non-sensical adventure.

I was wrestling the same person, winning again and again. It was too easy.

Not sure how to interpret this one. Life hasn't been exactly easy lately.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it means that easiness itself is an illusion.

I have not heard many people who say "life has been easy lately."

Just my thought.

Anonymous said...

By the way, that previous comment was from me.
I couldn't log in to Blogger for some reason. I didn't get the right password I think.

Boaz said...

Thanks for the thought Nani. I think you're right that there's always some hard aspect of life. But some times do seem easier than others. Finishing up my dissertation has been pretty hard, but maybe there's some aspects of life I'm not engaging in and just taking on easy tasks that I know I can win in. Maybe it was telling me something like that.