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Friday, August 05, 2005


This was a worthy succesor to Bergman's original "Scenes from a Marriage". It is intense and slow at the same time.
I could identify with Marriane's position. She inserts herself into this complex situation through her relationship with Johan. She listens to everyone, absorbing their concerns and sometimes their hatred. This role of the listener seems neutral, but it is also ambiguous because one then has a lot of information which can put one in a powerful position.

I watched the movie in a theater with three other people- a mother and daughter and a guy about my age with long blondish brown hair who left and came back to his seat about 4 times before the movie started. He sat about 8 rows in front of the mother and daughter and apologised in case he was blocking their view- "You're tall, but not that tall," the mother said and they all laughed. They were talking to each other, but then were self conscious and promised that they wouldn't be so loud during the movie. I said not to worry about it. None of us did say anything during the movie- except the daughter let out a gasp of "ooh, gross!" at the scene where the father and daughter give each other a brief tongue kiss.

I ate a hot dog and watermelon sour patch kids before the movie, since I hadn't had dinner that night.


Nani said...

I've never seen "Scenes from a Marriage"- would it be necessary for me to see it before I see Saraband?

From reading what you wrote and a review, this movie sounds interesting. There is potential I will like it.

Did you see it at Embarcadero?

It doesn't seem like many elders like "Me and You and Everyone Else." When I was watching it, an elderly couple left the theatre after about 40 minutes. Today, when I was having lunch, I overheard two elderly women who complained about the movie: "It didn't seem like there was any direction. Although the two little boys were cute." The other said,"I was so glad when it was over. The main character seems like she is still in school. Just because it's got wonderful reviews, doesn't mean I want to see it."

Anonymous said...

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